Engage Partners and Participants with an effective Strategy to transform the community


‘U Power Up

Transformation Strategy

Changing the community; One life at at time!

Strategically, ‘U power up is geared to target the core of the much larger or more complex issue or social problem, bringing a more prosperous and sustainable solution to individuals and their local communities.

The ‘U Power Up Strategic Approach:

  1. Identify the Issue. Define the issue and assess the root causes: Starting from the tip of the iceberg... Peeling each layers off the onion!

  2. Inspire and Influence. Connect partners to participants using the events, programs, social projects, partner network and online communities to engage, educate, empower and effect the Change.

  3. Implement and Improve. Develop and deploy right-fit solutions and reinforce the Change. Improve individual's competencies, capabilities and capacity to make a positive economic and social impact.


Calloboration with Influential Agents of Transformation

Establish a Partner Network 

 Establish the mechanism to connect churches, ministries, organizations, entrepreneurs, foundations, non-profits, key influencers and other Change Agents within their local communities. Driving awareness, desire, knowledge and commitment to social issues. Gaining the collective ability and reinforcement to motivate significant social responsibilities.

  • Business owners and inspirational leaders

  • Marketplace vendors

  • Speakers

  • Artists

  • Authors and Publishers

  • Church leaders and ministers

  • Health clinicians and practitioners

  • Mentors and Life Coaches

  • Other Key influencers and decision makers

  • Corporations and Entrepreneurs

  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and Foundations

  • Social Innovators and Social Entrepreneurs

  • Schools and academic institutions


Changing Lives, Families, and Communities


Enable Positive Change

Develop resilience, persistence, and perseverance to overcome insufficiency, insignificance, inferiority, infirmity, and impossibilities. Transforming the lives of individuals, diversified groups, communities, corporations, and the wider society.

  • Families

  • Women

  • Men

  • Youths

  • Young adults

  • Young-at-heart

  • Couples

  • Singles

  • Churches and Ministries

  • Teams and Organizations


Effect positive and sustainable Change socially, personally and professionally; globally and generationally!

Transformation beyond Expectations

There are many alternatives and options available, however, UpowerUP transforms beyond all expectations with:

  • Engagement via Nikimac and U Power up Facebook global communities.

  • Effective and dynamic partner network of world-changers.

  • Encouragement and inspirational coaching, training, programs,and social projects.

  • Expertise from Nikimac Solutions Inc. to transform business, leaders, and life.

  • Ecommerce of resources, products and services in the marketplace.

  • Educational and empowerment events by Legends and Legacy.

Effect positive and sustainable Change socially, personally and professionally; globally and generationally!