There are far too many testimonies to list...ALL GLORY TO GOD!

Below are only a few randomly picked feedback we have received on our posts in the community. Thank you, Lord for everything! While I am thanking Him, I know I have a right as His Child and His Servant that whatever we need, He has already supplied; so I pray His continued blessings over you. Lord, please give me more of Your Spirit, power and grace to be a channel of Your goodness to others, in Jesus name. AMEN!

Nicola, you are an awesome woman of God. A prolific and awarded author and sought after Speaker, and philanthropist. You have inspired, influenced and impacted my life. leadership and business, significantly! Thank you.
— Audrey, Toronto Canada
Thanks for your positive posts. I’m really struggling with finding work after being a ‘cost-cutting initiative’ casualty. Each day it’s getting more and more difficult to keep my chin up. I find the moments I’m at my lowest, your posts show up to brighten my outlook. Thanks so much.
— Jonathan Convoy
GOD, why me?
I am not strong enough for this, and I can’t do this?
The words I always asking You, my Father is now answered in Nicola’s story.
Thank you, My Creator. Thank you, Nicola for inspiring my change and giving me a new revelation.
Thank you, my LORD GOD, for all you’ve done in my life.
— Jayhan Pasco
This is glorious and wonderful. I pray that you will be great as you are exposing the truth for the understanding of so many people who are willing to learn from the Master’s table. God bless you, and keep the tempo.
— Sam Ola Olaniyi
I am in tears Lord I feel this is talking to me, Father, You are talking to me through her. I love you, Father God, so much. I will serve you all of my days. Lord, I love You more than my children, more than my husband, more than anything in this world. I want to be with you, Lord. Thank you for all that you have done, and I know you’re not done yet. I know you are he will be coming home. Thank You, Father God. I claim and receive, and my husband will be back to be with his family, in Jesus Mighty Name of Nazareth. Thank You, Father God! I welcome all You have coming to me, Amen. HALLELUJAH! I Give You All The Glory, Amen!
— Sylivia
Love all your post and truths ... Most of what you write actually hit me hard as if somebody hit me in the Gut full force and knocked the wind completely out of me, I have to assume others feel the same way also and hope they expressed it to you. I look forward to your prayers every day and believe you shoot from your Gut and put it in words like nobody else.
Have a Blessed Day.
— John Monroe, North Carolina

Joel 2:23-26 I will restore to you the years the locusts have eaten...... I wept reading your post.... it is heartfelt and it resonates with me very well... May the good Lord restore everything that troubled our son’s joy peace and welfare...My finances, peace, health and joy....I pray this for us all who are in great need of God’s love and restoration... Be blessed...
— Lisa, Toronto

I seek prayers because I was going through things in my relationship needless did I know, I would be starting this beautiful journey
— Pauline, Nigeria, Africa

Thank you so much. Your words have encouraged me.
— Sheryl, Dominican Republic