Woman, 'U Power Up Talk Show!


What is the Woman, ‘U Power Up Talk Show?


A Mastermind Talk Show that focuses on the challenges and success of Women in life, leadership, business, entrepreneurship, relationships, faith and wellness.


I am pioneering the Woman, U Power Up Talk Show to fulfill a Vow I made on International Women’s Day 2019 to transform 1000 “Women in the Valley” to become “Women with a Vision.”

The Talk Show allows you to experience the benefits of the Mastermind Cafe. You can participate as a guest in the live audience and the interactive video on set in the studio or watch the show online. Either way, you are now engaged in one of the best Mastermind group to empower and transform you to achieve tremendous success and grow in your faith, and develop your grit!


  • Disruptive conversations concerning issues and opportunities for women in career, business, leadership, relationship, faith and life

  • Training, application and accountability on the Rebound Faith techniques and tools to transform your life and grow your business

  • An encouraging, educational and empowering forum to rebound from a “Woman in the Valley” to a "Woman with a Vision."

  • Peer-to-peer mentoring, leveraging the power of the minds, with women supporting each other through the harmony of their experiences, purpose, thoughts, and ideas

  • Guests consist of women who are sharing their stories, expertise, learning, growing, challenging each other while tapping into the Mastermind - the wisdom, knowledge and strategies of rebound faith for success in your life, career and business

  • A mastermind group of engaged and motivated ladies who are determined to develop personally and professionally, holding each other accountable for the attainment of goals and objectives.

  • Features our host, Nicola McFadden; engaging and empowering the group while facilitating the Hot Seat.

  • You got to love the Hot Seat!

  • Some of the most rewarding and memorable moments of being in the Mastermind! You are placed in limelight, the group focuses on you and provide a deeper dive in the specific problems or frustrations that you are having; drawing on their wisdom, revelation, experience and knowledge to help you.

  • Join the After Party! Have fun, build relationships, exchange referrals, gain coaching and mentoring regarding the concerns and opportunities discussed in the Show.


What you will receive?

  • Introduction to Mastermind Cafe,inspired by the bestseller Rebound Faith: Chayah, the blueprint for achieving game-changing success in life - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially

  • An autographed copy of Rebound Faith: Chayah

  • New Friendships and Relationships

  • Refreshments, Recommendations and Referrals

  • Access to intensive Transformational Coaching and Consulting in Business, Leadership and Life.

  • Learning and Development

  • A renewed mindset and development from within; resetting your personality and changing your perspective to completely transform your life, career and business

  • Self-reflection and changing through your own experiences as well as gaining the wisdom of others through their experiences

What’s in it for you?

  • A robust and reliable support network with like-minded leaders

  • Collaboration of your perspectives, efforts, clarity, feedback and accountability to achieve greater success

  • Inspiration, motivation and empowerment to stimulate your growth and development to achieve your vision

  • Transform your personality; be positive, pleasant and genuinely happy

  • Discuss challenges in your life, career or business, and discover innovative solutions and opportunities

  • Extraordinary growth and exponential transformation toward your dreams, aspirations and goals

  • Improvement to your confidence, concentration, communication and cooperation with others to maximize your capacity


Do not hesitate to join us for the Woman, U Power Up Talk Show!

We are seeking women desiring to renew, reset and restore their lives, careers and businesses.


Woman, U Power Group


Mastermind Cafe


What is the Mastermind Cafe?


An intensive, intentional and interactive Empowerment and Transformation network inspired by the international best-selling book series, Rebound Faith: Chayah to ignite your inspiration, innovation, increase, impact, income and influence.

  • Explore the knowledge, wisdom, truth and advise of empowered, enthusiastic, empathetic and exceptional network of like-minded people and experts

  • leverage the power of the mind, experience, expertise and faith

  • solve issues, create goals, conceive innovative ideas

  • develop and implementing new plans,

  • provide the accountability - a kick in the pants!

  • become a leader, a legend and game-changer,

  • hone the art of working well with others for massive success.

  • Apply the principles, techniques, tools and belief system of Rebound Faith for development from the inside out; renew your mindset, overcome obstacles, and catapult your life, career or business to the exponential dimension.

  • Become a life-long learner, being more focused on achieving your personal and professional goals, growth and development in your career, business, leadership, relationship, and life.

  • Master your power of inner peace, renewed mindset, and strength of character to define the Vision, stating your Vow to rebound and make it happen.


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