Here’s what I already know about you.

You are driven woman!

You’ve have a burning desire and determination to live your best life!

You’ve ideas to start your own business or grow your existing business or a enjoy meaningful career

You’ve a growth-mindset; you want to create a successful business and experience financial freedom

You’re a high-achiever, not settling for mediocrity; you want to exponential success and experience the promised abundant life

You’re a leader because you’re solution-oriented

You’ve always looked for ways to solve problems, find resolutions for issues

You’ve overcome difficult situations and relationships

You’re confident that the plans and promises God has for you are great and prosperous

You’re enough; you have a burning desire and the determination to achieve your predestined future, be successful and live you best life

You’re an accomplished woman.  You’ve achieved a lot in your life.  But you’re not quite sure you’re on the path that’s right for you. 


You feel overworked, overwhelmed, overlooked and under-valued.

You’re stuck in neutral, facing a roadblock, or an unfamiliar detour path.

You’re experiencing a season in the wilderness; you’re feeling the barrenness, emptiness, loneliness and hopelessness…

You’re feeling like a “Woman in the Valley” of your life, career, business, relationships, health, finances…

You’re ready to become aWoman with Vision and A Vow to live!”


What’s best for a woman such as yourself? 

One who has to earn her success by thinking about her purpose in the world differently?

If any of the above described, you don’t feel alone; it also described me too only a few short years ago.

Like you, I am a purpose-driven woman who started from small beginnings, experienced and overcame significant setbacks and roadblocks, which were the building blocks for my comeback. Today, I am living my dream in my life, career, business, leadership, relationships and calling.

Rest assured, I am here to help you design and live your best life ever!

Here is my story that inspired my purpose and ignites my passion…

From Small Beginnings…

“ambitious people like you and i must think like Legends and leave legacieS”

"I am passionate about my love and support for people, and their attainment of success despite adverse life events. As such, I am determined to engage, encourage, equip, educate, empower, energize, elevate and evolve you. I am committed to positively impacting women and their needs - emotional, psychological, social well-being, and mental wellness. 

Having been brought up in poverty, I missed school several times due to lack of resources, or the necessities like a good pair of shoes; often my shoes had holes on the bottom, and the tips were gone. I know first hand, the unfavourable effects of poverty and the lack of opportunities others take for granted. 

It was during the years of isolation, rejection, and abandonment that I started to seek the Lord, earnestly. Writing became my therapy; I began sharing positivity, motivation and inspirational posts. I encouraged myself and empowered others, as I overcame discouragement and feelings of hopelessness during my 4-year divorce and family court battle.

The definition of community is a group of people united through a common struggle with the same stories.

No wonder, I have a burning desire to take the ‘U Power Up Community beyond engagement and encouragement. I hope to develop a social innovation movement that offers collaboration, creativity, and courteousness; building a Mastermind Cafe with the competencies, capacity and capability for spiritual empowerment and transformation in business, leadership and life for a group of success-minded ladies.

Community. ACCOUNTABILITY. faith. education.

Today, I am beyond grateful, having the privilege to ignite the power in you to triumph and thrive through life, relationships, mindset, wellness, career and business transitions, trials and tribulations. Providing innovative solutions to help you to achieve your personal and professional development, entrepreneurship, mindset, self-care, finance, lifestyle, faith, success goals and aspirations.

Woman, 'U Power Up!”

Nicola McFadden
LIFE, leaderSHIP, BUSINESS & community coach


…To a Highly-Sought after a Transformational Consultant and Coach for Business, Leadership and Life

I am a business owner, the CEO and Founder of Nikimac Solutions Inc. and a women empowerment entrepreneur, an international-best selling author, a speaker, a thought leader, an advocate for mental wellness, a highly-rated international business strategist, management consultant, visionary, and a transformational leader.

I am well respected for my thought leadership as I consistently inspires others with innovative insights and creative solutions to facilitate a paradigm shift. Everyone who has gotten to see my passion, strategic execution, emotional intelligence, brilliance, and talent first-hand can validate my exceptional ability to deliver the objectives, lead by example, and challenge my team and clients to grow both personally and professionally.

I am a multi-certified Transformational Consultant. I have successfully demonstrated the wisdom, knowledge, and expertise to plan, implement, and lead significant change in life, leadership and business. Navigating the ambiguity and complexities of adverse life events, transformational leadership and inspiring massive success and growth for business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate and government organizations. I help entrepreneurs to experience freedom. I equip leaders and business owners to scale their business into global enterprises enabled by digital and business transformation initiatives, increasing profits by exploiting the opportunities from emerging markets, disruptive innovation and modern technology.

As a Management Consultant, I continue to influence industry best practices in Project Management (PMP), Process Improvement (Lean Six Sigma, CMMI, ISO), Change Management (ACMP, ADKAR), IT Service Management (ITIL, Cobit), and Supply Chain Management (CSCP).


I boldly describe my transformation from a “Woman in the Valley” to a “Woman with Vision & Vow to live!”

“our stories are empowered and made possible by the grace of his story.”

Have you ever been violated?

Well, I have!

I have grown through a terrible four-year divorce, and family court battle, which resulted in situational depression. I lost everything; my corporate career, home, savings, family, and friends... But God!


Have a burning desire to win; being determined to overcome... 

I fought desperately for my mental wellness and my children. I needed to stay strong.  Having the power to survive, strengthen and succeed, I began posting spiritual, motivational and inspirational posts through social media for engagement, encouragement, and empowerment.  



Today, I am an International Best Selling Author and Speaker, I continue to ignite, inspire and influence thousands of people daily:


DO NOT despite the small beginnings…

I’m amazed that my humble beginnings and painful setbacks have catapulted me into facilitating an international community that reaches over 20,000 people globally each day.

I’m positioned for my purpose and my passion to serve and help ambitious women (and even men) through my Mastermind, coaching, consulting, training and speaking opportunities.

By executing the vision of 'U Power UP and holding steadfastly to the principles of faith, I am known, loved and admired, for the graceful transformation in my own life and the lives of many others with their mind-blowing compelling testimonies enabled by the application of the transformational techniques and strategic game-plan in the Book Series Rebound Faith: Chayah.

In support of May 2019, as Mental Health Awareness month, I started the 21-Day Challenge, I Choose Joy to help eradicate depression and elevate your development through the intentionally pursue of JOY to increase your happiness, despite it all.


I would LOVE to help you overcome and reach your personal and professional goals! 

I would LOVE to help business owners and leaders defeat the obstacles in their private lives that are impacting their leadership capabilities to build high-performance teams and lead successful global business and enterprises.

I LOVE to celebrate your comeback and chayah (Hebrew word that means to ‘really’ live!)


Today, I boldly share my story to effect change, disrupt the stigma, and help others suffering silently in solitude behind closed doors due to the shame associated with depression in our culture, the Corporate workplace, the church and the local community. As I become naked, I allow many others to feel liberated to speak out and share their stories, seek the support required for survival and the strength to overcome.

I am determined to be an advocate for mental wellness and a voice for individuals traumatized by the fear, shame and discrimination of mental illness, which prevents them from seeking support. This stigma has resulted in people feeling abused, rejected and isolated without hope for mental health care.  

Wherever my story takes me, however dark and difficult the theme, there is always some hope and redemption, not because readers like happy endings, but because I am an optimist at heart. I know the sun will rise in the morning, that there is a light at the end of every tunnel.
— Michael Morpurgo

transformed to empower others...

I am determined to bring empowerment and transformation into the lives of many people by boldly sharing my story and equipping others to “own” theirs, thereby:

  • Influencing and motivating happiness, healing and hope

  • Establishing realistic expectations and creating attainable goals

  • Formulating strategies to help people meet their aims

  • Inspiring, encouraging, and equipping them to overcome any challenges, setbacks, or obstacles.

  • Supporting their transition towards spiritual enrichment, intellectual development, lifestyle improvement, stress management, and goal achievement.