Woman, U Power Up!
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Woman, U Power Up!

You’re an accomplished woman. You’ve cruised on the highway to success, but you’ve recently encountered a speedbump or roadblock that’s stalled your progress. How do you keep from getting stuck in neutral?

Hi, I’m Nicola McFadden, and I’m here to greenlight your transformation! On International Women’s Day, I made a vow to transform 1,000 women from “the valley” of their career, relationship or life into “Women with a Vision.” My Rebound Faith Mastermind group is designed to destroy roadblocks for driven women like you. And on March 30, you can fast track your development at the “Woman, U Power Up Talk Show!”

Catered towards ambitious women such as yourself, the Rebound Faith Mastermind is a transformational group that provides women with the knowledge, techniques, and mindset needed to affect sustainable success. The U Power Up Talk Show will allow you to experience the benefits of the Rebound Faith Mastermind at a fraction of the cost!

The Talk Show will feature guests eager to share their stories, expertise, and challenge each other. This exclusive, collaborative event will facilitate engaging conversations concerning issues and opportunities for women in their careers, their relationships, and their lives. You may participate as a guest in the live audience and the interactive video on set in the studio or watch the show online.

I know you’re eager to step on the gas again. If you’re ready to transform your life and ensure you’re a woman who’s on the right track, sign up for the Woman, U Power Up Talk Show.


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