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beloved… you were created for such a time as this!

We acknowledge that you are special and unique, fearfully and wonderfully made… We inspire you to experience Divine Wellness - hope, healing, and happiness; despite the Change. We ignite you with power and passion to pursue your purpose, and maximize your potential.

Our coaching is offered within the Rebound Faith Mastermind, inspired by the best-selling book series, Rebound Faith: CHAYAH. The Mastermind provides the techniques and tools to empower and transform you; including a community, training, resources, scheduled events, private one-on-one coaching (in-person or remote) or group coaching sessions as well as leadership development and business consultation. We hold you accountable through our structured approach for Motivation and Mentoring.

As part of our engagement and a guarantee of our excellence, we offer a complimentary coaching for all initial consultation. Go ahead and book your free coaching session.


Motivation & Mentoring



  1. Engage. Show that we genuinely care, serve, support, and help to understand the current situation and expectations.

  2. Encourage. Communicate respectfully and effectively, and help to overcome setbacks and overwhelming days. 

  3. Equip. Provide the tools, resources, strategies and techniques (Rebound Faith Mastermind) to enable the knowledge, revelation, renewed mindset, skill set and tool set; equipping you with the ability to change.

  4. Educate. Impart knowledge, education, training and information to cause an awareness, desire to change, learn new skills to develop personally and professionally.

  5. Empower. Release and provide freedom to embrace the change, mindset, personality and desired behaviours; owning your story, gaining your voice and sharing your testimony.

  6. Energize. Motivate and cheer you on each step as the Way Forward to achieve new dimension along the Rebound Faith Transformative Change Process (5Vs) with energetic celebration, rewards, and positivity to motivate you, as well as reinforce and sustain the change. 

  7. Elevate. Welcome your promotion, prosperity, peace, performance, productivity and profitability. The manifestation of the envisioned future state with your vow to continuously thrive being completely happy!

  8. Evolve. 'U power Up, your victory will ignite, inspire and influence change in others so they too can chayah!tor gravida in in tellus.


Divine Wellness


Divine Wellness

‘U Power Up applies the techniques and principles of Rebound Faith and provides the resources tailored to coach and empower you to achieve divine wellness of the mind, body and soul.


Spiritual Wellness

Having a relationship with God and obeying His commandments to shape and govern the beliefs, values, and ethics that guide your life.


emotional wellness

Seeking experts to help to manage stress, sleep patterns, depression, and ensuring a positive outlook on life.


intellectual wellness

Staying curious and engaged in learning, development, creative thinking, and enhancing knowledge and growing.


Physical Wellness

Working with professional experts and health practitioners to be a responsible support to our clients with their prescribed or recommended exercise, balanced nutrition, sleeping, stress management, and preventative health care programs.


Social Wellness

Maintaining a social network, relationships, friendship, family, fellowship, and community to provide support, guidance, accountability and work-life balance.


Environmental Wellness

Taking care of your personal surroundings, home, school, church, community, and global environment. De-clutter, organize, recycle, donate, volunteer, and contribute to environment sustainability programs to clean up environment. 


Financial Wellness 

Planning and achieving future financial success. Taking steps to live within financial means. Creating a budget. Learning to be a good financial steward and consumer.  Achieving financial goals such as excellent credit score, debt-management, retirement plans, investments, savings, and prosperity... Transition from the borrower to the lender and a financial pillar to nations!


‘U Power Up has established strategic alliances with other professionals, experts in education, and health care practitioners to support you to holistic wellness. These strategic, health, lifestyle, wellness, education, and ministry partners work in close collaboration with ‘U power up to support the clients in their various goals including finance, fitness, family, food, fun, fellowship, and faith. ‘U power up partners focus the clients on overcoming the setbacks and mastering the change of old belief and habits. Clients are encouraged to thrive, live an abundant life, one that is satisfied, healthy, purposeful, prosperous, fulfilled and leaving a legacy for future generation. 


Rebound Faith Mastermind



U Power Up teaches and tailors the Rebound Faith Mastermind to meet your needs by continuously, consistently, and completely focusing on your specific transformation goals, maximizing  your potential and capabilities

  • Meetings to discuss goals and needs

  • Strategies, tools, and resources for discovery, action planning, execution, and management

  • Client strategy adjustments and accountability

  • Progress monitoring and evaluation

  • Celebration of transformation milestones and miracles